Rare Breed Meat Boxes

Belmont meat is grass-fed, free-range meat and natural. Our cattle and sheep roam in the fresh air on our flower rich pasture while our pigs forage freely within our heritage woodland.

Meat Box Options

An example pork box contains the below cuts of free-range meat:

Quarter Box (approx 15kg) organically reared rare breed Oxford Sandy & Black pork joints, cuts and sausages.
1 leg joint (boned & rolled)
1 belly joint (boned & rolled)
Loin chops (boned)
1 spare rib rack or joint
2 x 400g diced pork

To learn more about our meat box options and our grass-fed, free-range meat please get in touch and our team will be more than happy to assist you.


Our animals are raised on a diet of grasses, organic vegetables and feed. A diet proven by many studies to improve the quality of meat, both in terms of flavour and make up, bringing with it associated health benefits. We operate organic farming practices throughout the farm and are working towards organic accreditation as formal evidence of the work we are already doing.


As a registered organic farm we avoid all herbicides and pesticides, the grass that feeds our animals is completely natural, ensuring the rare breed meat from our animals is free from dangerous and harmful chemicals. In addition, we avoid antibiotics unless absolutely essential, instead choosing to naturally build up our livestock’s immune systems through essential salt licks and, when required, traditional non-toxic vaccinations.

Local and fair

We produce Devon Red Ruby grass-fed beef, rare breed pork and rare breed lamb and hogget.

We treat each and every animal with the care and respect they deserve. Once our animals reach natural maturity, everything remains local. Our abattoir is located just over ten miles away – ensuring minimum stress and a minimal carbon footprint.

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